Philip Knape not only makes concepts but also creates webdesign together with some kick-ass frontend and backend code.

This is a collection of side-projects I have enjoyed working on lately.

Please rob me!

A social experiment in online behavior

During the summer we scanned instagram for people posting holiday photos in real-time. Each photo we recieved got matched against eniro and if we got an unique hit, we added to our map. In the end we collected over 400 photos of people that was not home and their home-address.

Please rob me is a way to illustrate the danger in posting information online and teach us how the online world works.

Fight agency fight

Digital meets analog in real-time

Fight agancy fight is a game that removes the border between online and offline. The concept is designed as a classic 2D fighting game except instead of controling a digital character you control a real life toy. Fight agancy fight features real-time streaming, arduino controled toys, leaderboards and much more.


Tweet smarter*

Chirrup is a twitter application for when you dont have the perfect words in your tweet. Simply sign-in, write your tweet and hit the synonym button. Chirrup will instantly change your words to it's synonym and tweet them for you for the whole world to read.
Why? Beacuse it's fun :)


The tiny CMS for tictail

Tictail is a free and easy to use system for setting up your own online-store. Butler is an easy to use CMS that extends your ticatil store. Created on top of their newly released API. Butler allows you to create subpages, import images and blogs + much more.